Fantasy Concerto for Voice and Symphony Orchestra 

World Premiere - Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Alondra de la Parra, conductor - 26 April 2017 Brisbane Power House

Fantaskatto is a fantasy concerto for voice and orchestra - without words, featuring stunning jazz and ‘scat’ singer Olivia Chindamo. A vocalise and concerto in one that ranges from the ethereal beauty of late romantic influences through Latin inspired tango and virtuoso jazz pyrotechnics.

Created by Joe Chindamo, with performance by Olivia Chindamo, Fantaskatto was the first time that this father and daughter had collaborated professionally and it was Olivia’s debut with an orchestra -  the outcome was a triumphant success, the audience went wild and Olivia who is now working in New York is in demand.

Discussions with Joe and Olivia after the concert sealed their artistic partnership for more orchestral song cycles and the next project is already at the blue print stage. 


[Olivia’s skat] is why it’s ‘FANTASKATTO’ with a k. It’s also a fantastical word; very magical and mysterious at times. I thought it was quite fantastical. I don’t know of any other piece quite like this; it could very well be unique.

At 21, Joe moved on, teaching himself jazz piano. His mastery of the instrument saw him quickly touring with jazz groups, and playing on soundtracks for films such as ‘Evil Angels’ and the Chuck Norris feature ‘Missing In Action 2’. For ‘Fever Pitch’, the QSO will play four new pieces by different composers, including the world premiere of Joe’s piece ‘FANTASKATTO’. ‘FANTASKATTO’ came to be thanks to QSO’s Artistic Director Richard Wenn......Although Joe’s background is in jazz, he doesn’t see ‘FANTASKATTO’ as “a classical theme and jazzing it up. In cross genre you can actually pinpoint where one style stops and the other takes over. In my mind, it all comes from the same place – a C chord in Beethoven is exactly the same as a C chord in an Elton John song. I never quite understood this idea of sticking to one particular genre for your entire life, but that’s just me.”